Monday, September 12, 2011

Received my Chewable Vitamin Samples today

Hey everyone, I have 5 days left before I start my 10 day liquid only diet. One of the things I have been having a hard time grasping is the fact that I will need chewable vitamins. I have a hard time with weird textures and it took me a while FOREVER to get used to TUMS when I was pregnant. So just the thought of chewable vitamins made me start to gag right away. Well, I got my samples in the mail today. Below is the picture of my samples:
From left to right I got: 1 B-12 Sublingual in Cherry, Multi chewables in Grape, mandarin orange, Forrest Berry and Pineapple/strawberry, the Calcium Plus 500 (includes vit-D) in berries & cream, hot cocoa, cherry tart and a strawberry cream, Also a Calcet Bite in Chocolate. Next is an Iron + C 30mg Chewable in Grape and then a Vitamin D3 sublingual 5000 IU quick melt (this does not specify a flavor). FINALLY, the long white packet is a drink. It is a Multivitamin and calcium drink mix. Each packet contains 1 complete dose of vitamins and minerals including 500mg of calcium (as calcium lactate-gluconate). It says if you follow the recommended instructions and consume 2 packets a day you will fulfill your vitamin requirements and also 1,000mg of calcium. Although you would still need at least 1 more dose of calcium. I am really excited to try these out.
I just tried the Mandarin Orange Multi Vitamin and this was very easy to chew and almost smooth!!! And SOOOOOOO yummy!!! I can not wait to try the other ones tomorrow!!!

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