Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1 week to go!

Well, in exactly 1 week I will be in surgery. Today I went in and had blood work done, an EKG and a Chest Xray. Mind you, I did all this with a 2 1/2 yr old little Princess in tow. Yep, no sitter so off we went. She did pretty well and begged for stickers from each department. Shy ended up with 8 stickers while I had to change to a gown, twice, and got stuck with a needle. LOL

We are down to the wire now. I am feeling a lot better on the liquid diet, not as weak or run down. I am pretty tired at the moment, but that is mostly due to all the stuff I had to do at the doctors, which of course came after cutting my 10 yr old son's hair, running to the store for his lunch stuff and getting him to school on time. A mother's life is always busy, lol.

For breakfast today I had a protein drink (Matrix brand- Mint Cookie) it tastes pretty yummy really. Then had my water while running around. For lunch I am having Egg Flower Soup from a local restaurant called Bill Lee's. I will be getting a TON of this soup on Monday and Tuesday since I have to have only CLEAR fluids those days.

I need to remember to take my vitamins too, I keep forgetting :( . I am working on getting everything in the house ready for when I have surgery. I want to make life as easy as possible for my hubby. He is awesome, but works full-time and is not used to having to manage the kids and the house while still working. So for now it is off to the grocery store, something I have been dreading because I love food and well, I can not have any right now.

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