Sunday, October 2, 2011

Surgery Day, 9-28-2011

Ok, this was the day! I went to the hospital at 7:30am and waited. And then waited some more. At around 10am they started prepping me to go to OR. It took a nurse 3 tries to get an IV in my arms. The first one I completely passed out on. The second attempt totally blew my vein (I have a 4 inch round bruise to prove it) and then FINALLY they got one in, 3rd times a charm. Anyway, I say goodbye to my hubby which I totally hated, and was wheeled to the OR. It was freezing in there, but they did have ACDC playing, at least that is what they said was playing. I scooted to the table and they used tape to strap down my arms, apparently they could not find the velcro, and then I woke up in recovery. I asked for my husband and kept getting told in a minute, in a minute. Well, he was finally able to come see me and a nurse told him say hello and then go back and wait.

I finally get to my room and all I really did was sleep. I was so tired. They gave me a wonderful button that gives me my pain meds every 10 minutes. I pushed at 5 seconds past 10 minutes every time I was awake. Night time was coming so hubby went to grab a bite to eat and get the kids from my in laws, they were nice enough to take them for us while I had surgery. He brought them back to see me and my son gave me the flowers from them all. Then they all left and I was alone.

You would think that being in the hospital would mean that the nurses would take care of you right? WRONG. My pain meds ran out and it took 45 minutes to get it refilled, my nurse gave me such a horrible attitude that I got up on my own to use the restroom which opened an incision and made it bleed. I had to walk the hall ALONE cause the nurse 'had other patients to tend too." My husband was pissed when he heard this.

I finally get to go home and rest which was awesome. I missed my bed and my family. I was not staying on top of my fluids and became dehydrated on Saturday so I had to go back to the hospital and get fluids. I hate needles so anything that requires me getting stuck, SUCKS! Today is Sunday and I had a little energy so went with the family to the store, used all my energy and now I am back in bed. I hope this part does not last long, it is really getting old.

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