Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3 weeks post-op

Hey there, it is had been a very busy 3 weeks! I am no longer hurting from the surgery, but because I am hardly getting calories, I am very tired and get run down easily. I have been on a liquid diet, although I am eating very soft foods too. My body was just telling me I needed more to function. And with a toddler and 10 yr old, I could not be that run down all the time. I am down to 195, not as much of a loss as I was hoping for, but a loss still. That is 9 pounds in 3 weeks or 3 pounds a week.

I had to go in for re-hydration IVs twice now.  This first time was because I was so drugged up on my pain meds I was sleeping all the time and not drinking my fluids. The 2nd time I actually was sick with some cold virus and get dehydrated. I tell ya, I am so sick and tired of getting poked!!!

I do not get those hunger pains anymore, but sadly I still get those "I am bored" ones. I miss my friend Food. Food has been there all my life. It was there when I sad, or happy. It was there everyday and twice on my birthdays. Food has been my comfort and celebration. Now I am having to relearn how to get through all the ups and downs of life without using my good friend Food. It is still a long road, but I am getting there, little by little.

Well, thats all for right now. I am going to go to bed. Night!

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